Creating A Memorial

Monuments Sioux Falls

Your First Steps in Creating A Memorial:

Who is the Memorial For?

  • Individual
  • Companion (Husband/Wife)
  • Family

Where is the Memorial Going?

  • Cemetery
  • Park
  • Building
  • Other

Are There Any Requirements?

  • Regulations on style, size or finish
  • Permit fees
  • Position of names
  • Design requirements

Do You Have Anything in Mind?

  • Initial thoughts and expectations

Your Memories and Reflections?

  • Important lettering & design elements you would like incorporated with your memorial?

Your Budget Expectations?

Personalizing A Memory

Sioux Falls Monuments and Memorials

Life is a tapestry of memories, celebrated moments, love and sharing. Remembering and reflecting on your cherished memories provides options for personalizing your memorial. Unique designs can be created to give a personal touch to your memorial forever. 

Memorial finish, color, size and shape can be mixed and matched according to your wishes at either Sioux Falls or Canton locations. All designs can be mixed, matched, sized and positioned according to your needs.

We have thousands of precision graphic carving designs for you to choose from. These designs should be used on medium to dark colors. Granite is a unique natural product. Contact us today for more information on our monuments and memorials. Find examples of personalization in our Past Projects to assist in your selection.

See Past Projects of Our Monuments and Memorials Near Sioux Falls

Past Projects